Help us in our campaign for a GE-Free Future

The Soil and Health Association stands as a vigilant guardian of organic agriculture, and we are taking an active role in advocating for a GE-Free NZ. Our mission is clear: raise awareness of the grave risks posed by genetic engineering and champion the cause of organic agriculture. 

As a member of our community, you understand the stakes are high. Please donate to our annual appeal to help us continue our work. Your support will make our advocacy for an organic and GE-free future possible.

Please chip in now

You can transfer your donation directly to the following bank account. If you include your name in the transaction and drop us a line, we can make sure you receive a receipt, email us at .

BNZ Account number: 02 0108 0058415 001
Account name: Soil & Health Association

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If you wish to set up a regular or recurring donation, please email

Jenny Lux, Chairperson, Soil and Health Association of New Zealand