As a grassroots movement we rely on volunteers and donations to do our work.

We proudly advocate and take practical action to support the health of our soils and natural environment.

For example our new Soil4Climate community project is working with growers around the country to demonstrate the potential of organic growing in the fight against climate change.

Your donation will help us expand Soil4Climate to more locations by helping to employ a coordinator

We’ve also launched our campaign to end the indiscriminate use of glyphosate.

As always, we hope to strengthen the regulation of damaging pesticides. Our glyphosate campaign will raise awareness and build the case for keeping glyphosate out of our soil, out of our parks and out of our food chain.

With your donation, we will build further momentum for the glyphosate campaign

Your support is vital for this effort. On behalf of the association, thanks again.

We prefer donations by internet banking

BNZ Account number: 02 0108 0058415 001
Account name: Soil & Health Association

We can provide you with a receipt; please add your name in the bank transaction reference and then email us at .

Or donate by Credit Card:


If you wish to set up a regular or recurring donation, please email

Your donation will support our work to tackle climate change through community organic growing. Read more about Soil4Climate here.

Our work started in 1941 and is the backbone of the now thriving organics sector in New Zealand. Join our glyphosate campaign here.