Stronger regulation of glyphosate

Glyphosate-based weedkillers are used too often, and in too many places they shouldn’t be. This can make people ill and will damage our soils and precious wildlife.

We think glyphosate should be a tool of last resort rather than the first thing we turn to. World-wide, glyphosate is being phased out and New Zealand is falling behind on this.

Help us do more! This campaign relies on donations and people to spread the word and to get involved.

We need to make sure that GE, hydroponics and the use of chemicals like glyphosate don’t sneak their way in to organics

Right now the government is developing an organic standard which will establish new legal protections for the use of ‘organic’ when selling products.

The Soil & health Association is taking an active role in developing this standard and keeping it honest. We need your help to keep doing this work. Your support will allow us to stay involved and make sure the standard is robust.

Please chip in now

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