We see organics as a key solution for the climate and biodiversity crises facing the world. Healthy food, produced organically, is also free from pesticides and harmful contaminants. Organics is profitable and rewarding. It builds a healthier community.

Organic certification means having your production checked to ensure it is following organic principles. Certification allows you to market your produce as organic using the mark or symbol of your certifier.

Read our policy on organics: Organics Policy

BioGro New Zealand

BioGro is New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products. They certify and accredit over 850 producers, farmers and manufacturers across New Zealand and the Pacific. BioGro have been simplifying certification since 1983 and hold overseas accreditation that allows organic producers to access key international markets. BioGro has charitable status, and is wholly owned by Soil & Health Association.

Visit the BioGro website to find out more: www.biogro.co.nz

Organic Farm New Zealand (OFNZ)

OrganicFarmNZ certification is designed for the small-grower and is designed to be low-cost, educative and supportive. The certification process is done locally, primarily by volunteers, using the BioGro standard.

Visit the OFNZ website to find out more: www.organicfarm.org.nz