Food co-operatives in NZ on the rise

“The increase in food co-operatives in New Zealand is enabling communities to take back control of their food supply, improve relationships between community members and achieve better health outcomes” says Debbie Swanwick, Spokesperson, Soil & Health – Organic NZ.
Food co-operatives provide better quality food, mostly organic, at a cheaper price.
“Stories of the average New Zealander’s desire to remove contaminants in their food (GE, pesticides and additives) by establishing an organic food co-operative in their region will feed the next generation well. New Zealander’s seem to have picked up on this worldwide trend at a great rate” says Swanwick.
Franklin’s recent success with The FROOB LTD (The Franklin based Real and Organic Organised Buyers co-operative) is a testament to the effectiveness of the societal model that is growing local economies. Franklin is one of Auckland’s largest food bowls that grows most of New Zealand’s onions, potatoes and green vegetable crops.
The Froob is dedicated to buying organic produce, preferably locally grown, that is Fair Trade at a price slightly higher than wholesale and re-selling it to their 300 members at a less than retail price. It is forecast that their turnover this year will exceed a million dollars. “The impact of this on the local economy is huge” says Debbie. Backyard growers are also encouraged to sell their excess produce to the co-op which is encouraging the development of gardens in the region.
Debbie Swanwick will be speaking at the Green Living Show, ASB Showgrounds Greenlane West on Saturday 29 June at 3pm. The subject will be ‘How New Zealand Communities are taking back control of their food supply’ and she will discuss how you can establish a food co-operative in your region. The board of The Froob will be available to answer questions.
Soil & Health – Organic NZ is one of the oldest organic organisations in the world and advocates for the consumer’s right to have fresh, healthy, organic food and water free of GE, pesticides and additives and their right to know what is in their food and water. Oranga nuku, oranga kai oranga tangata. To learn more about what is really in your food subscribe to their Facebook Page and subscribe

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Jannai Tantrum CEO of The Franklin Real and Organic Organised Buyers (The Froob) says “Real People deserve Real Food”

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