Green MP Sue Kedgley Applauded By Safe Food and Organic Community

Green Party MP Sue Kedgley’s valedictory speech at 5-45pm today marks the coming retirement of this country’s most committed food safety focused Member of Parliament ever, according to the Soil & Health Association of NZ.

“Sue Kedgley has been the Member of Parliament who for 12 years has consistently pursued on behalf of New Zealand’s consumers, effective food labelling, a reduction in pesticide and food additives use, improved residues testing, removal of genetically engineered foods, and the MP who has achieved improvements to animal welfare codes, “ said Soil & Health – Organic NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning.

“A very effective campaigner who could both educate and draw on community support for issues, Sue Kedgley MP has worked closely in support of NGOs, affected industry and consumers, campaigning successfully for phase outs of sow crates, and controls on pesticides such as endosulfan and methyl bromide.”

“In a naïve or short-sighted Parliament, Sue Kedgley MP has strived to bring practical limits to the excesses of the New Zealand food safety bureaucracy, whose main focus is in facilitating trade rather than consumer choice or small producers viability.”

“Sue’s 37,000 signature petition on Country of Origin Labelling of food showed the overwhelming support for the issues that Sue stands for, and campaigns that will be continued.”

“Sue has been one of Parliament’s most avid organic sector supporters, someone who was always seen as an ally in an often indifferent environment. Sue is able to see the full environmental and social benefit of organic production and was never shy to promote those advantages.”

“Soil & Health – Organic NZ and many many consumers are pleased to know that Sue will still be working on the issues important to her following her retirement from Parliament, at the November 26 election.”

“Sue Kedgley MP has successfully promoted the values of Soil & Health, as expressed in our motto, Oranga nuku – oranga kai – oranga tāngata, Healthy soil – Healthy food – Healthy people.”

Soil & Health – Organic NZ will be represented at Sue’s valedictory speech today by our spokesperson, National Councillor, Patron and many members and Organic NZ readers.



The Soil & Health Association of NZ – Organic NZ



Steffan Browning

Declaration; Steffan Browning is also a Green Party candidate.

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