New Spokesperson for Soil & Health Association – Organic NZ

The Soil & Health Association – Organic NZ have announced the appointment of Debbie Swanwick as their new spokesperson.

The Association has been in operation for seventy years advocating  “Healthy Soil – Healthy Food – Healthy People” to create an organic New Zealand. It is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand.

“Speaking out for Organics is a key role for our organisation, which is why our three thousand members so generously supported funding this position last year. We’re thrilled to have someone as gutsy and knowledgeable as Debbie to take on the task of advocating for an organic Aotearoa/New Zealand and to know that the organic movement is behind her 110 per cent,” says Soil & Health Association Co-Chair Dr Matt Morris. “Debbie will be taking the role to new levels, operating through social media as well as more regular media channels and of course through face to face contact.”

Swanwick has fifteen years experience working in not for profits in marketing, communications and advocacy for better social solutions.  Throughout this time she has been a strong supporter against environmental degradation.  In late 2003 she was very active against the lifting of the GE moratorium and most recently has fought tirelessly against a proposed industrial development that will compromise one of Auckland largest floodplains, in South Auckland.

“Over $572 million USD has been spent in campaign contributions and lobbying expenditure, since 1999, by the 50 largest agricultural and food patent-holding companies and two of the largest biotechnology and agrochemical trade associations.  It says something in itself that so much money is needed to push the argument for GE food.  I am privileged to be able to represent the voice of the masses in New Zealand, who don’t want GE food on their plate” says Swanwick.

Swanwick’s predecessor, Steffan Browning was spokesperson for Soil & Health – Organic NZ since 2003 and left to take up the position as Member of parliament for the Green Party in February of this year.

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