Fluoride in local body water supplies


In New Zealand around 60% of public water supplies have fluoride added to prevent dental decay. The main chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are known as silicofluorides. These fluorides are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products but unprocessed toxic industrial by-products of the phosphate fertiliser industry. There is conflicting evidence on the benefits of water fluoridation to dental health. There is also a growing medical concern about the cumulative negative wider health impacts of ingestion of fluoride. Many people in New Zealand already manifest dental symptoms of fluorosis – fluoride overdose. New Zealanders are already ingesting elevated levels of fluoride from plants and animals raised on land treated with phosphate which contains naturally occurring fluorides.

The Soil & Health Association is opposed to artificial fluoridation of public water supplies in New Zealand. We believe that adding fluoride to local body water supplies is a form of forced medication. We believe that individuals should have a right to choose whether they want to ingest fluoride or not. We believe that dental health is best achieved through a healthy diet and eating fresh, wholesome organic foods.

                                            Photo credit: Nick Holmes

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