GE-free Tasmania a shining example for NZ

09 August 2019

The Soil & Health Association congratulates the Tasmanian government for extending its ban on genetically engineered organisms for another 10 years, until 2029.
“Tasmanian producers see clear benefits of being GE-free, enjoying a good reputation and access to markets,” said Jodie Bruning, Councillor for Soil & Health.

“We urge the New Zealand government to also implement a ban on the outdoor use of GE, to strengthen our clean and green brand.”

“People here and around the world over are demanding safe, healthy, ethical, GE-free and organic food. We can produce this and benefit economically, environmentally and socially.”
GE-free organic production will help build healthy soils, clean up waterways, and is part of the solution to climate change, according to Soil & Health.

Many local authorities and primary producers around Aotearoa New Zealand recognise the benefits of a GE-free status, and several councils have either outdoor GE bans, or precautionary policies.

New Zealand and Tasmania both have the advantage of sea borders which can help us remain GE-free in the environment.

The GE ban in Tasmania has been widely supported, including by primary producers such as orchardists, pastoral farmers and beekeepers.




Jodie Bruning
National Council, Soil & Health Association
027 505 0808

Jodie Bruning
Jodie Bruning

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