Jeanette Fitzsimons speaking for a GE Free Organic New Zealand

Following retirement from Parliament and three months travel in Europe, Jeanette Fitzsimons has returned to a role as Patron of the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand. At her first post travel speaking event open to the general public, Jeanette will say why she is more convinced than ever for the need for an organic GE Free Aotearoa New Zealand. The event is at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, 8 pm this coming Friday.

“I will be giving my perspective of why it is most important for humanity living on a small planet with limited resources, that organic GE free production becomes the norm,” said Ms Fitzsimons.

“Soil & Health-Organic NZ’s message is synonymous with what is required to feed communities here and throughout the world nutritiously and sustainably.”

Beginning as the ‘Compost Club’, Soil & Health and its journal Organic NZ magazine has published, provided leadership and campaigned since the 1940s for pesticide and synthetic fertiliser reduction, for healthy sustainable soils and nutrition.  While active in the promotion of edible gardens in schools and communities, Soil & Health has recently caught media attention in exposing GE field trial breaches, pesticide residues in foods, and the release of ozone depleting neurotoxic methyl bromide fumigants near communities.

Soil & Health, the key initiator of world recognised organic certification organisations BioGro and Organic FarmNZ, has also been integral in the Organic Sector Strategy and formation of the sector organisation Organics Aotearoa New Zealand.

“To have Jeanette Fitzsimons, Parliament’s previous foremost proponent of organics, now as Patron of the sector’s oldest national organic organisation, along with Bob Crowder, founder of Lincoln University’s Biological Husbandry Unit, as Vice Patron, is an honour for Soil & Health as it begins celebrating its 70th anniversary,” said Soil & Health – Organic NZ spokesperson Steffan Browning.

“Jeanette’s message on Friday is sure to add fuel to our 3000 members’ fire. Clean green 100% Pure Aotearoa New Zealand needs organic champions now.”

Soil & Health has a vision of an Organic 2020.

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