GE lucerne / alfalfa

Submission to: Biosecurity New Zealand
Submission Author: Steffan Browning, Soil & Health Association
Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand Inc is 65 years old, and is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand, and as such advocates for a GE Free environment and diet.

Soil & Health is concerned at the risks of GE contamination to organic production from seed imported into New Zealand and requests that Biosecurity NZ maintains a strong stance to negate that risk. Soil & Health supports the setting up of an effective protocol that will ensure New Zealand gardeners and primary producers do not have to deal with issues of GE contamination.

Organic producers operate with a consumer expectation of 0% GE contamination in their products, and so Soil & Health is in full support of the submission by GE Free in Food and Environment. Organic producers and consumers share many of the issues their conventional counterparts do concerning possible GE contamination, eg market access, liability in the event of contamination, ability to save seed, new weeds, possible health effects, loss of choice.

While supporting GE Free NZ’s position, the Soil & Health Association of NZ also wishes to speak to its position and of the issues significant to organic producers.


Sent to:
Arun Siva
Plant Imports
Biosecurity New Zealand
PO Box 2526

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